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What sort of trailers do you manufacture?

Blackburn Trailers manufactures the Kompak exhibition trailer range which are custom built and have been produced in numerous different styles over the years for varying uses including exhibition trailers, hospitality trailers, merchandising trailers, display trailers, mobile exhibitions display vehicles, lightweight goods articulated trailers, vending trailers, catering trailers, mobile offices and HGV exhibition semi trailers. We also manufacture outside broadcast units, truck bodies, film location vehicles, mobile IT classrooms, vending carts and coffee kiosks.

Exhibition trailers | Display Trailers | Marketing trucks | Exhibition Trucks | Promotional Units | Promotional Vehicles| Exhibition unit | Airstream 

What can a trailer do for me?

A Kompak exhibition trailer is an invaluable tool to promote, sell and assist your company in a variety of ways. It is an excellent means of taking your product or service directly to your customers thereby making cost effective use of resources, manpower and capital investment. A Kompak trailer works effectively as a silent salesman for your company to promote your business even when it is being delivered to its destination. The Kompak exhibition trailer itself can play a key role in your marketing strategy in a number of ways. You can use it as a merchandising tool; for exhibition, display and hospitality purposes; for product sampling and catering and so on. If you attend trade shows, it’s a portable trade show display unit ideal for promotional product advertising.

How can we make the trailer more cost effective?

Kompak exhibition trailers are designed to be multi tasking and have interior velcro display walls and interchangeable branding boards to enable maximum use of the unit. This means that different departments within the same company share the same trailer, satisfying more than one departments requirements and keeping the accountants happy! For example, many companies use a single Kompak trailer for IT training, marketing, healthcare, transport, staff training and product sampling as well as exhibitions. Display graphics and sign writing can be created to follow an existing corporate style or as an opportunity to promote new ideas and products

I don’t have the cash to buy the trailer outright. Can I buy on finance?

Yes, all of our trailers are available on finance. We work with a small, independent finance brokerage who specialise in catering vehicles. They shop around for the very best rates for you – there’s no charge for their service and it’s quick and easy to set up.

Also, did you know that getting finance (or leasing as it’s also known) is the clever way to buy your business equipment because of its tax benefits? Leasing was set up under the consumer credit act, meaning that businesses can claim tax back on 100% of their payments. This tax relief could exceed the finance charge (interest), making leasing almost the same as interest free. So, you can spread the cost, keep your cash in the bank and save on tax.

Can I tow a trailer with my car?

Kompak exhibition trailers can be towed by the smallest of cars without compromising the effectiveness of the trailer. Our smallest Kompak Micro Promoter can be towed by a Fiat Panda and yet is big enough for most marketing and promotional requirements. We also design and manufacture a wide range of Kompak trailers with a principle design size (3m up to about 4.2m) and specification so that they can be towed by most medium sized saloon cars and can be set up on site by one person.

Is it possible to have a trailer built to suit my needs in particular?

Apart from the standard range of Kompak Exhibition trailers, that’s exactly what Blackburn Trailers have been doing for the last 30 years. We specialize in custom built trailers. Every trailer is a bespoke unit with the chassis fabricated in our workshop. This enables us to offer a fully flexible design and build service to your exact specifications. Optional extras can include slide-out pods to increase floor area, plasma screens, PlayStations and simulators to enable interactive use of the unit, fully fitted galley areas, comfortable upholstered seating, 240V electrics and lighting, separate, lockable crew/office areas and so on.

We manufacture trailers with air conditioning, tinted windows, shower and bathroom facilities, fully networked multi user IT system and even built a trailer with a spa for horses! With our experience and expertise we’re confident that we can manufacture a custom built trailer suited to your needs.

What happens to the trailer when it is old or we would like a larger one?

 Kompak trailers are manufactured to a very high standard and durable build quality and we are very adept and imaginative at refurbishing existing trailers. Trailer refurbishment could mean a spruce up of the paintwork or a complete overhaul. Alternatively, most trailers normally have a good resale value, allowing for upgrades to larger units. We also offer a very competitive trailer rental option.

 I am not sure exactly what I want – Can you help with ideas?

 If we are unable to find a standard Kompak exhibition trailer to suit you we are more than happy to discuss your requirements in detail and design and build a solution. We encourage clients to visit our premises just outside Chichester to look at the work in progress of trailers in build which give ideas and illustrate what potentially is available. We would then produce a colour visual, detailed specification and budget costs for your consideration. We pride ourselves on our friendly, professional service and the quality and finish of our trailers so call us to arrange a time to visit and see for yourself?

We don’t have anywhere to keep our trailer. Can you help at all?

 Yes! We offer a secure storage facility based with us or one of our nearby sites where you can leave your unit whilst not in operation. Why not have us service and over winter your unit at our site? Take the hassle out of keeping your unit in tip top condition and have it looked after by us.

I need my trailer serviced, can you help with this?

Of course we can. We recommend getting a yearly service for your trailer to keep it functioning properly and up to date with any safety regulations. We can service any trailer for you, even if we have not built it, and our team are happy to do so, just get in touch with us!

Exhibition trailers | Display Trailers | Marketing trucks | Exhibition Trucks | Promotional Units | Promotional Vehicles| Exhibition unit | Airstream 


If we haven't managed to answer your question, please feel free to contact us for a chat, our team are happy to help with your trailer needs!