Trailer production with a flair for solid engineering, and cutting edge design.


Over 40 years experience in trailer design and manufacture, our family firm Blackburn Trailers provide solutions for a huge range of mobile promotional needs. With a diverse portfolio, we work directly with our clients to deliver bespoke and functional designs tailored to their specifications.


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Promotional exhibition trailer with original sleek design, glass fronted panels and fold out steps in Sussex
Grand Exhibition promotional Trailer for Expo and Branding
Tesla exhibition trailer built by Blackburn Trailers in Sussex, beautiful sleek design, pioneering trailer model
Large exhibition trailer built by Blackburn Trailers, with a fully glazed front, fold down steps and hand rails, roof canopy and fold out doors
Large promotional exhibition trailer with graphic logo design and striking display in Sussex by Blackburn Trailers
Exhibition trailer built in sussex, silver sleek catering trailer with roof canopy and economic design
Exhibition trailer built in sussex,  sleek vehicle adaption with economic design for promotional exhibition
Exhibition trailer built in sussex by kompak trailers. Mobile promotional unit
Exhibition Trailer for Promotional brand awareness and Marketing. Open all sides with fully glazed front, functional design built by Kompak in Sussex
Exhibition Trailer used for promotional product sampling, brand awareness, well designed with striking graphics well designed
Exhibition Trailer, grand size with striking design for promotional use, built by Kompak in Sussex
Exhibition Trailer for promotional purposes, a display mobile unit built by Blackburn Trailers
Food promotional coffee trailer in city center, coffee bar on wheels built by Blackburn Trailers
 promotional exhibition vehicle adaption built by Blackburn Trailers Ltd