Kompak Micro


Standard micro trailer specification 



These measurements and fittings can be adjusted to what you need.

Size 2.4m long, 1.83m wide, 2.2m high

Size 3.0m long, 1.83m wide, 2.2m high

Size 3.6m long, 1.83m wide, 2.2m high

Single axle trailer as standard with lift up side canopy and head board and fold out steps, making this small exhibition trailer simple to set up. Optional fold back display doors and canopy or awning are sometimes preferred or a combination of all three.

Designed to be small car towable, this style of trailer could be towed by a Fiat Panda and with a gross trailer weight of between 650kgs & 1100 kgs. This is one small but powerful exhibition trailer that packs a punch.

Below are examples of our Kompak brand Exhibition Trailers- The Micro range. These designs vary due to client specification and need but most importantly they function brilliantly and are a compact, and economic design, with more room inside than expected.

Charnwood micro sleek promotional exhibition trailerx in Susse with stove display, fold out doors, easy access and well designed.
Striking graphics on this micro exhibition trailer built by Blackburn Trailers in Sussex, fold out doors, compact but functional with a low easy access floor
Closed micro exhibition trailer with striking graphics and single axle easy to maneuver and tow, built in Sussex
Promotional trailer for itv sport, a commentary display stand exhibition trailer with spotlights and stage built by Blackburn trailers in Sussex
spray store micro exhibition trailer built in Sussex, fold out doors and steps with hand rails for easy access, functional design
small exhibition trailer from the micro range easy to tow bright graphics in Sussex
Promotional Exhibition trailer built by Blackburn Trailers in Sussex, with a roof canopy and fold out doors, single axle easy access striking graphic design
Promotional exhibition trailer closed up with single axle, micro desing from Blackburn Trailers in Sussex
Exhibition trailer with fold out doors, steps for easy access and functional built in furniture, built in Sussex
Promotional Exhibition Trailer manufactured in England, commercially designed beautiful well built Trailer with striking graphics, twin axle mobile showroom for expo's and event display, exhibition unit.