Exhibition and display trailer production, kiosks, trucks, and promotional units. A flair for solid engineering, and cutting edge design.


Blackburn Trailers Ltd is a family run firm, based in the South of England, with 40 years design and build experience, we manufacture exhibition trailers, promotional vehicles, kiosks, articulated vehicles, catering trailers and much more. Solving our clients promotional vehicular requests is our number one priority, we have built trailers from scratch on site for many years and pride ourselves on attention to detail and hand crafted engineering solutions.

 Exhibition trailers | Display Trailers | Promotional Vehicles| Exhibition unit | Mobile marketing

Mark Blackburn is a front-runner in the design and engineering of bespoke exhibition trailers and vehicle adaption, leading the team in taking your ideas from concept to completion. The evolution of the range of exhibition and display trailers known as Kompak, is now a market leading brand that has emerged over many years of experience, knowledge, and the hard work of the team at Blackburn trailers Ltd.

 Exhibition trailers | Display Trailers | Promotional Vehicles| Exhibition unit | Mobile marketing

There are constant developments in vehicle engineering regulations, following these we strive to make our exhibition trailers easy to tow, fitting below the 3500kg gross weight allowance for young drivers, while not compromising on sleek construction aspects. The Kompak brand is one of the most aerodynamic trailer designs on the market, saving on fuel while being environmentally conscious. Low floor structure combined with easy access, make the Kompak exhibition  trailer design an effective tool for increasing sales through product promotion and sampling, with a focus on the promotion and display aspect. Companies we have manufactured promotional trailers for have been able to increase awareness of their brand using these pioneering exhibition designs at events and on the high street.

 Exhibition trailers | Display Trailers | Promotional Vehicles| Exhibition unit | Mobile marketing

Our trailers and vehicle adaptions have always met the current EU and DOT regulations, any new trailers built by us after October 2012 when the new Type Approval regulations were introduced meet these new standards and are certificated. Where possible Blackburn Trailers Ltd will make every effort to use renewable materials in  build process. The team at Blackburn Trailers are enthusiastic and dedicated to our client satisfaction and happiness. We look forward to working with you on your future projects....

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Email: trailers07@kompak.co.uk

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Exhibition trailers | Display Trailers | Promotional Vehicles

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