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The Kompak Maxi Exhibition trailer has  more room than the standard Kompak Classic Exhibition trailer. With a bigger floor area and increased payload potential, this trailer has the ability to fit three distinct internal areas: a central exhibition, display or sampling area, front office or galley area, and a rear seating or hospitality area.

The Kompak Maxi Promoter trailer has been successfully utilized as a car towable trailer but with it’s heavy duty suspension and towed by a 4×4, it will provide payloads of up to 2500kgs when required for carrying stock or display equipment.

5.6m long 2.2m wide 2.2m headroom

With twin axle with flat floor as standard with lift up canopy or fold back doors and awning, fold out or clip on steps and ramp, roof mount lift up head board, aerodynamic front body section for fuel efficiency, Grp and aluminium exterior body finish for durability, wind down corner steadies,front jockey wheel, double skin daylight or insulated roof.

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