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The acorn eventer

Our new Trailer, the Acorn Eventer is just 3.6m long by 2.2m wide, however when fully opened it has a floor area more than a trailer twice it's size. This enables ease of towing and maneuvering and no compromising on storage or display area, which for it's size when closed is huge! The Acorn Eventer weighs in at under the 3500kg gross weight limit set by the DVLA, making it easier to find qualified, young drivers. Furthermore this fantastic trailer is economical to transport and store and has a smaller carbon footprint, allowing the user to promote much greener credentials. The Acorn Eventer is cheaper to insure and does not require a specialised tow vehicle and is designed to grow when sited and be upgraded throughout it's working life. We have designed and built this trailer in conjunction with our colleagues over at Showmobiles, and we are proud of this little economical trailer that packs a mighty punch. The Acorn can be built and adapted specifically for your needs, just get in touch with us today.



Mobile bar

Blackburn Trailers Ltd recently had the pleasure of working with the creative geniuses at Bearded Kitten  in manufacturing a mobile pop up bar with attitude. This captivating bar experience built for Red Bull to showcase high quality drinks, was conceived by Bearded Kitten... Combined with the reliable structural engineering from Blackburn Trailers Ltd, this resulted in a stunning mobile promotional bar which has toured the country. We are proud of our collaborations, and our team's ability to build and provide safe and functional mobile units fit for purpose, whatever that may be!

mobile bar.jpg
mobile bar.jpg



This summer one of our smaller builds was a mobile bike tuning Dyno for Dynabike. We made it easy to operate, simple to tow and most importantly functional for what the client needed. The above video demonstrates, well mainly some loud motorbikes!