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Blackburn Trailers Ltd have designed and manufactured mobile coffee units, stationary coffee kiosks and school kiosks for many years. We can source top quality equipment for the interior of your kiosk, with anything you need inside. Our big name as well as independent clients, have repeatedly come back to us over the years for their vehicular kisok needs. This is due to the care and quality we provide in building and sourcing materials for all our trailers, coupled with Blackburn Trailers Ltd always providing an efficient and affordable finished product.

We can build any shape or style kiosk you require, it is also possible to design and build the kiosk on site to fit tight spaces such as train stations. We have worked with big brands in order to create beautiful, functional and well designed everything from coffee kiosks, food promotional kiosks to school classroom and tuck shop kiosks. We have built them in airports, train stations, shopping malls, schools, by the side of rivers and next to the sea. Get in touch today to make your dream kiosk a reality.

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