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We have been building this hugely effective promotional and exhibition trailer continuously for 25 years, refining our manufacturing techniques over this time to create a great quality unit. This 7m trailer is the biggest car towable trailer available currently. With only a handful of companies that manufacture a unit of this size, our quality design and durable engineering leads the market.

This trailer is one of the safest designs

  • With excellent stability when towing over a traditional tandem axle trailer, there is no swaying or snaking.

  • With it's ultra low floor it is easy to access, this trailer is the ultimate choice for professional exhibitors who want to make a statement. The grand trailer has the largest covered floor area of 35 square metres while keeping within the 3500kg weight limit for drivers.

  • This is the ultimate car towable mobile promotional unit, which is able to provide a controlled environment for your business and marketing needs all year round, whatever the weather.

  • An easily achievable frontage of 11m with a flick of a few catches, with fold out wing panels and lift up headboard mean there are plenty of prominent external surfaces for branding and logos.

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Benefits of the 7m Grand Trailer

  • Safe

  • Low floor, easy disabled access compliant

  • Maximum display area for a trailer this size

  • Easy for one person to set up and tow

  • Many options for personalisation, galley, seating, display literature, more exhibition area, office, screens, air con, heating and generator options. The list of modifications and additions is endless depending on your requirements. Below are some previous trailers we have built, get in touch for more details or information about owning your own marketing and promotional 7m unit.